Students and pupils

We know that being a student and a student in this country is not easy. Job offers are bad, there is no pocket frenzy, everything becomes more expensive. That’s why we meet you, we have a permanent discount for all pupils and students from Monday to Friday -20% on all rooms, isn’t it beautiful :)?


How to get a discount?

It’s easy, all you need to do is make a reservation through our website and enter STUDENT STUDENT in the discount code.

Student card

Just remember to take a valid student ID with you because without it we will not let in 😛


+48 508 668 098


We ensure the safety of game participants.
The restaurant has been checked in terms of fire and evacuation safety.
Below is the list of rules in the Escape Arena:

Emergency door opening

In each game room there is an emergency door opening button.

Fire hydrants

Premises equipped with hydrants and fire hoses.

Game Master care

Each group is supervised by a game master who does not take his eyes off the game participants.

UVC lamps

The entire premises and each room after the game are disinfected with UVC lamps, which kill 99.8% of all bacteria and viruses.

Trained staff

All employees underwent voluntary fire training.

Escape route

The escape route is marked and illuminated, even in the event of a power failure.


Each game room is monitored.

First aid kit

There is a first aid kit in the premises.