School trips

Great fun for all Poznań schools as well as schools outside of Poznań 🙂 Call us and visit us!
We have three rooms, the Vikings Amulets of Power, the Galaxy of Secrets and the Hazard Cave.
They can accommodate up to 15 people (each for 5 people). More people? It’s no problem, we’ll divide the class into two rounds.
First, one round will play, and the second will be able to play in our chillout room, where there is a pool table, darts, chess and other board games. It certainly won’t be boring!


Sweet snacks

On site you can buy cold and hot drinks, sweets and snacks. We can also order pizza or other food to our Escape Room.

Parking for buses

In our parking lot (entrance from Krauthofer street) there is no problem for a coach. He can park and wait for the students, and the driver can come in for a cup of coffee or tea.

Promotion for students

We know that for students such a trip may seem like an expensive game, in this case we have a permanent discount of -20% forever. It is enough for each player to have a valid student ID with him. The promotion is valid from Monday to Friday.


+48 508 668 098


We ensure the safety of game participants.
The restaurant has been checked in terms of fire and evacuation safety.
Below is the list of rules in the Escape Arena:

Emergency door opening

In each game room there is an emergency door opening button.

Fire hydrants

Premises equipped with hydrants and fire hoses.

Game Master care

Each group is supervised by a game master who does not take his eyes off the game participants.

UVC lamps

The entire premises and each room after the game are disinfected with UVC lamps, which kill 99.8% of all bacteria and viruses.

Trained staff

All employees underwent voluntary fire training.

Escape route

The escape route is marked and illuminated, even in the event of a power failure.


Each game room is monitored.

First aid kit

There is a first aid kit in the premises.