Online game

Without leaving home!

Escape Room Online

Are you stuck in your apartment, or maybe you want to play with friends from all over Poland and even the world?
Now that’s no problem thanks to the ability to play Escape Room Live Online via video transmission – without leaving your home.

Feel the blood of the VIKING inside you!

90 min
The world stands on the brink of the greatest war in history – the lands will sink into the sea and the Fenrir wolf will eat Odin and all men … But you can prevent it!

In the middle of picturesque Scandinavia, Odin hid the Amulets of Power, which – according to a Norse prophecy – will go to the warriors with brave hearts.
Your envoy has already gone out to find him, but watch out – Fenrir is already scolding him, don’t let him get him!

Lead him to the Amulets, fulfill the prophecy and save the world from destruction!
2-3 players
4-6 players
Polish version
270 zł
360 zł
English version
79 euro
99 euro

How to play?

What you need?

  • Zoom program installed,
  • Headset,
  • Camera – you can, but you don’t have to have one,
  • Stable internet. Fluency in an online escape room game is very important for the comfort of play,
  • Watchful eye and good mood 🙂


Gather a team of 2 to 6 people and make a reservation! You can also play alone – buy a ticket for 2-3 people.
You will have full instructions on how to play in the email after booking.
At the appointed time, sit in front of the computer and have fun!
The maximum number of players given cannot be exceeded, however,
if you wish, you can play alone.


You will be playing with an avatar.
This is the character representing the player who is a real person – an actor in a real, physical escape room.
We provide professional service, with the help of an avatar you will see what is happening in the room, and the additional reactions of the actor will diversify your journey.

The language of the game

Gramy po angielsku lub po polsku.
Wszystkie gry są prywatne i nie będziesz grać z nieznajomymi.
We play in English or Polish.
All the games are golden and you won’t be playing with strangers.