Company events

Man does not live by work alone – corporate events are a great opportunity for your employees to get to know each other and establish relationships thanks to which they will cooperate better. Escape Arena is the perfect place to organize a corporate event.

An Escape Room game is not only about having fun in atmospheric rooms that will take you to another world, which will de-stress your employees and provide them with time of fun, but it is also a test of their personality, logical skills, leadership skills or teamwork skills.


Unforgettable experiences

We divide employees into teams of several people and lock them in escape rooms. They have 75 minutes to solve a series of puzzles. Joy and satisfaction guaranteed!

Time competitions

We can record the play time and the number of hints of each group. We are ready to conduct a competition for the best time.

Increasing efficiency

Employees locked in Escape Rooms together solve problems and puzzles to bring them closer to their goal. They improve efficiency and team collaboration.

Chillout Room

Here you can relax after your efforts in the rooms, play pool, darts, or simply discuss the rooms.


Possibility to order food or catering.

Room with a projector

Possibility to rent a room with a projector and conduct additional training for employees.


+48 508 668 098


We ensure the safety of game participants.
The restaurant has been checked in terms of fire and evacuation safety.
Below is the list of rules in the Escape Arena:

Emergency door opening

In each game room there is an emergency door opening button.

Fire hydrants

Premises equipped with hydrants and fire hoses.

Game Master care

Each group is supervised by a game master who does not take his eyes off the game participants.

UVC lamps

The entire premises and each room after the game are disinfected with UVC lamps, which kill 99.8% of all bacteria and viruses.

Trained staff

All employees underwent voluntary fire training.

Escape route

The escape route is marked and illuminated, even in the event of a power failure.


Each game room is monitored.

First aid kit

There is a first aid kit in the premises.